Essential oils are in almost every product that you use already.  They are the lifeblood of the plants they come from.  They are used in hair care, skincare, lotions, cleaning products, medicine, and on + on. The problem is, most of these products are also full of toxic chemicals that get into your bloodstream & throw your body off balance. We see the effect of these toxic chemicals in so many ways: headaches, inability to sleep, asthma, rashes, sinus problems, hormonal problems, and more. Most of us have just come to accept this as a NORMAL way of living. We have good news for you: this is NOT normal. You have a choice to protect your home against the onslaught of toxins. While it may seem daunting,  it isn’t as hard as it sounds.

There are endless brands of oils, so many of them claiming to be 100% pure, organic, etc. But this can be confusing to most of us. So, what are we to do? The market is saturated with so many companies selling essential oils. Most of the bottles claim they are pure. How do we know which ones are safe to buy? You have to know your grower.

Young Living Essential Oils stands out from every other company. They have a Seed to Seal guarantee for EVERY oil they offer. This means that on the farms they own, as well as any third party farm they use, they MUST follow a stringent method of selecting the seeds, cultivating the plant in virgin soil (no pesticides or fertilizers used ever), harvesting at the perfect time to yield the BEST oil with all the right constituents, distilling at the right temperature, pressure, and amount of time to produce the best oils, testing using 17 different tests in triplicate TWICE, and bottling up the oils, ensuring no tampering, adulterating, diluting occurs. Amazing.

You can even visit our farms! Our beautiful Lavender farm in Mona, UT, is open to the public. You can visit any time you would like and watch the Seed-to Seal process in action! It is eye-opening to see all the steps Young Living takes to ensure that what we get in our little bottles are world-class in quality! And Young Living is the only company with this Seed to Seal guarantee.




Whether you diffuse them, apply them topically, or add them to your favorite foods + drinks, the properties of each specific oil (lavender, lemon, stress away, etc.) differ and so they affect the body in different ways.  Depending on the oil you are using, you are supporting the body’s most important systems like the Immune System, Digestive System, Respiratory System, Hormonal System, and so on.




We use these incredible oils for sleep support, hormonal support, skin care, immune support, and countless more everyday reasons.  We no longer clean our home with products that rate 10s on the Think Dirty app (download it TODAY!), but use the Thieves line for all purpose cleaner, laundry soap, and hand & dish soaps.

We wake up in the morning and use the oil infused body soap and shampoo, the skincare line, and yes! the 100% clean, luxurious Savvy Minerals Makeup!  We wash our clothes in detergents that won’t irritate our allergies & skin and get into our bloodstream to harm our body. We don’t run to tylenol or to energy drinks anymore thanks to Ningxia Red. This company, this one-stop-shop has changed our lives and our homes because it has something for all of us!

And not only that, we get to walk this journey  with friends, family, and a huge community of like-minded women and men. We get each other.

We are building a little tribe of support and friendship. We share so much in common, and we are growing as people as we learn with and from each other.

And we’d love to have you join us!

If you’re looking for a way to ditch the dangerous things in your home, YL is what you’re looking for.  We’d love to support you, have you join our community, and guide you.

The best way to start with Young Living is to grab your first Wellness Box for $160It comes with the 11 most widely used oils, a diffuser of your choice, two ningxia packs, samples for friends + family, and a membership to a company that can cover all your family’s wellness needs!  You’ll have 24% off of their products and can earn 10-25% back every month if you choose to!

Oh! And did we mention: No annual fees. No minimum monthly orders. No strings attached. It’s all about YOU and your needs.





Head over to our LET’S GET STARTED! link and we will connect you to one of our oily leaders who will gladly walk with you through the process of ordering your kit. Don’t worry, they won’t leave you alone to navigate this wonderful and HUGE world of essential oils. They will walk through the journey with you, answering questions, sharing diffuser recipes, and whatever else you need. We’re a team, and we all link arms together! Can’t wait to share in your excitement!